Producing a Marketing Video for a Restaurant

Videos are now becoming a popular tool for marketing thanks to platforms like YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram. For a restaurant looking to increase popularity and expand its customer base, it cannot afford to rest on its oars and get left behind in this modern trend of viral videos. The restaurant business is fierce and what better way is there to leave the competition behind other than joining the video marketing bandwagon?

Get Ahead of the Competition

These videos can be promoted on different platforms such as social media, blogs and websites. It has been noted that individuals do not have the time to read long blogs and articles so utilizing the brief videos to draw in their interest is a good place to start from.

It is without doubt that making a video can prove beneficial to the success of the restaurant but that does not mean putting together different scenes means that the success of the video. There are certain things that need to be done and certain things that need to be avoided.

Be Creative

When it comes to attention grabbing marketing tools, video comes in first place and it also keeps the interest of individuals for a longer time than articles. This is very important especially when the individuals watching only have short attention spans and takes a few seconds to lose their interest.

The videos prepared for the restaurant are not only for entertainment and promotional purposes but should serve the purpose of being educational as well. For instance, the video produced can showcase how the restaurant prepares its sushi or mixes its signature cocktail. Video marketing in San Diego has is a prime example of how a creative team should tackle a restaurant video. They tend to be light, fresh, and fun which leave viewers salivating over the dishes!


Producing the video for the restaurant does not need hiring a celebrity chef to get more customers as the head chef or sous chef of the restaurant can equally be the star. Individuals are likely to get interested in a video if the stars of the video have a friendly face and persona as it gets them to easily trust you.

Social Media

Make use of social media so as to make your videos viral. Your restaurant can have pages on these social media sites and it is a good way to make your video the topic of conversation. You can post slow-mode videos of your chef doing an impressive maneuver in the kitchen, or a bartender pouring a cocktail into a martini glass, the possibilities are endless!


The video should always include important information about the restaurant such as the website and blog link as it makes it easier for people to locate you. After all, the intent behind the video was to make people interested in the services and products offered.

But Not Saturated With Too Much Information

Do not make the mistake of overloading the video with too much information making it long and boring. Videos should not be like this as it presents an image of the restaurant being boring.

The videos should be brief and concise. Take advantage of the fact that individuals like funny and creative videos and translate that into a concept that fits well in the restaurant. Maybe you can get a couple of actors to serve as waiters and come up with a hilarious interaction between a customer and a waiter. Things like this keep customers and potential customers interested.


Most Filmed Places in Los Angeles

The City of Angeles aptly called Los Angeles is at the centre of the entertainment industry known as Hollywood. It therefore comes as no surprise that this location serves as home to some of the most frequently filmed places in the scenes of movies, commercials and TV series. Some of these locations have been featured a good number of times and may or may not be easy to count after all. This is Hollywood where several films have been shot and experiencing a feeling of déjà vu is only natural as you have most likely seen those places before. Here are 4 of our favorites:

Griffith Observatory

The popular of the Griffith Observatory goes as far back as the 80’s time period. It is not surprising to find out that this also happens to be a popular tourist spot for individuals looking to bask in the thrill of Hollywood sights. Ever since its opening in the year 1935, this location has seen its own fair share of filming from James Dean movie “Rebel without a Cause” that saw the location make an appearance with its actual name intact and not as city hall or public building. The famous knife fight of the James Dean movies occurred on the large patio of this building. Other notable mentions include the arrival of Arnold Schwarzenegger in is naked Terminator form from the future where he eventually demands for the clothes of a couple of bystanders, Charlie’s Angels 2 was also a movie that made use of the Observatory for its action sequence.

The Bonaventure

From Arnold Schwarzenegger’s role in True Lies, hot scenes from Rain Man, action movies like In the Line of Fire and romantic movies like Forget Paris and Blue Thunder, The Bonaventure is a famous Los Angeles location for filming thanks to its luxurious outlook. Most people would probably remember the hotel as the place where Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in True Lies rode a horse into the lobby and up an elevator. Even the hotel takes pride in its glory as a feature of films as it has plaque inside the elevators what film was shot there.

Beverly Wilshire

Remember the movie that has Julia Roberts play the role of call girl and Patrick Gere as the bored rich millionaire? The popular movie Pretty Woman makes use of theBeverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills to shoot the famous scene of Patrick Gere and Julia Roberts falling in love. The hotel is as depicted in the movie as it is as glamorous in real life.  This classic hotel happens to be the location for a lot of movies. It also made a feature in the movie Sex and the City.

Beverly Hills

When talking about Los Angeles filming locations, it is hard not to include the Beverly Hills landmarks, restaurants and hotels have they have made a lot of appearances in big screen movies. From popular television series like Entourage that showcased the Beverly Hills Sign in at least one in five episodes to the popular Eddie Murphy movie Beverly Hills Cop that saw us take a ride through Rodeo Drive and various popular spots. The Beverly Wilshire is showcased as the hotel where Julia Roberts’ Vivian Ward all but moves in with Edward Lewis played by Richard Gere.